Day 234: High-rep upper-body training

Day 234

Today the gym was a little bit busier than last time.  After doing my foam rolling and dynamic stretches for warmup, I proceeded to do my upper-body training (Built for Show Fall program), using a 3X12 protocol with just 45-second rest periods.  First up was horizontal pull+push, alternating sets of cable rows and dumbell bench presses.  Afterwards, vertical pull+push, alternating between chinups and dumbell overhead presses.  I was able to do the horizonal sets without too much problem, but the vertical sets were much more difficult.  I wasn’t able to complete 3×12 on the vertical sets (especially the chinups) with such quick rest periods, even with the alternating set format.  In any case, I just went as far as I could without compromising form too much.  I always keep in mind that forcing reps with atrocious form can lead to injury.

Nutrition was not a problem at all today, and in the evening I was able to cook up some more food for me to bring to work (teriyaki baked chicken and pan-grilled beef).

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 234 - Front Day 234 - Back Day 234 - Side

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