Day 230: Touching base with Aussie Shredders

Day 230

Today, my project partner at work took me out for lunch, and then we watched an Aussie Rules football match between Port Adelaide and Geelong, playing in the pre-season cup (the NAB Cup).  It was a perfectly clear, sunny day, with a cool breeze blowing.  It was good to have someone explaining to me how the game works, as the last time I watched (when I was in Brisbane), the rules were a bit unclear to me.  Sadly, it wasn’t a very good performance by the home team (Port), and they lost by a fair margin.  However, I do have to admire the fitness of the players on they field.  There was a lot of running around involved in that game!

In the early evening, I got the opportunity to touch base with Aussie Shredder Mike Groom and the super-Shredder himself, Adam Waters via Skype.  It was interesting to get a sneak peak into what Adam’s plans for the Shreddersphere are, and I tell you, it’s going to be an exciting time!  It was also nice to be able to speak with Mike G. and I look forward to meeting him (hopefully) in a few months.

My nutrition today wasn’t as well-planned as I would like (as I ate out most of the day), but at least I was able to eat every three hours with protein at every meal, and several servings of fruit and vegetables.

Hope your weekends are going well.


Day 230 - Front Day 230 - Back Day 230 - Side

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