Day 228: Locked out!

Day 228

It was supposed to be a normal rest day from training for me, and being a Thursday, it was my one day of the week to spend an evening at the mall and get dinner there.  Unlike previous Thursdays, this time I went straight to the mall from work instead of dropping by the apartment first.  So I browsed around and got my last two meals there, while doing a little shopping on the side (got myself a pair of shorts I can use for swimming. Yey!)

When I got back to the aparment late in the evening (about 20 past 9), I discovered that the screen door (in front of the main door) was locked!  I never locked the screen door as it was too much of a hassle to carry two different keys, so I only had the key to the main door.  I realized the property manager must have been in today to get somebody to fix one of the things I reported as broken in the house.  However, they must have forgotten to keep the screen door unlocked.  I could not just slash the screen as I did not want to damage anything, and there was an aluminium mesh frame over the screen, so I could not get through anyway.

I asked the help of a nice couple living three apartments down for help with contacting the property manager, to get somebody to unlock the screen door for me, and they were kind enough to let me kill time in their house while we got things sorted.  We only got hold of a switchboard operator and asked to get in touch with someone who can help.  The lady on the phone told us they will call us back or someone will come over.  More than an hour and a half and several calls later, there was still no help arriving.

Finally, we got the property management and they told us that they could not locate a spare key, but will get a locksmith to unlock the door for me.  It was then that I realized that I can check if any of the front windows are not locked, as there was only a screen between the outside and inside if I could slide the window up.  I asked permission to slash the screen, and the property manager agreed to just repair it afterward on their expense.   So more than two hours later, at half past eleven, tired and sleepy I finally got into my apartment.  I’ll have to defer preparing tomorrow’s lunch for the morning.

Eat right, train hard, be thankful for helpful people, and expect success!


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