Day 227: Stressful day, great workout

Day 227

Today at work I was to conduct training on our software for two groups of people: one group in the morning and one in the afternoon. I had them schedule so that I would just have enough time to have my scheduled meals, before I start in the morning, and after I do the second session. However, several things came up in the morning, and in my rush to finish stuff and fix things before I ate and gave the training, I ended up making a careless mistake.   I was writing was a script to test a process that I was configuring.  I was supposed to run the script against one database (the test database), but mistakenly ran it on another (the production database). I realized my mistake maybe less than half a second after I clicked “Run”.  Since it affected the production database, I had to move quick to fix it.  However, it too me more than 30 minutes trying to fix it! That ate up my time for eating my second meal of the day, and even then I was a bit late to the training session I was to give! I then spent the next two hours talking, and then another two hours in the afternoon talking too, while doing other things in between. What a busy, busy day it was.

The stress generated by work gave me a good reason to look forward to my workout. I did lower body exercises today, and I remembered to do a proper warmup consisting of foam rolling and dynamic stretches. I was able to increase the weights I lifted while still maintaining proper form. so that was pleased with how I conducted my physical training today.

On my way home, I passed by the grocery store again to stock up on more chicken breasts, fruit, veggies, white potatoes, and eggs. I noticed that fresh blueberries were cheaper today compared to when I used to buy it before, so I bought two punnets. I love blueberries!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 227 - Front Day 227 - Back Day 227 - Side

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