Day 226: My fridge is fixed!

Day 226

I reported my fridge problem to my client yesterday (as the client company is the one leasing the apartment for me), and they contacted the landlord, and they got somebody to fix my fridge!  It was done by the time I got home, so now I could go back to buying more fresh vegetables and fruit! Yippee!

No training today.  Tonight I had dinner with my project partner and his wife and had some curry over steamed rice, apple pie, and two bottles of beer drank over the course of three and a half hours.  I tried my hand at nine-ball pool and also learned how to play billiards.  For someone who should know angles (I’m an engineer!), I really could improve a lot with how I play pool!  Seems like I think too much and then not execute well enough, so my balls don’t always go where I  imagine it will go.

As I was saying goodbye for the night, I looked up and noticed the clear night sky and saw a lot of stars!  I have not really paused to look at the southern sky since the first time I arrived in Australia or anywhere in the southern hemisphere (I’m from the northern hemisphere).  I asked my project partner and his wife where the Southern Cross constellation (Crux) is, and they promptly pointed it out too me.  What a wonderful way to end the night.  I’ll try to see if I can visit and observatory while I am here so that I can explore the night sky further.


Day 226 - Front Day 226 - Back Day 226 - Side

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