Day 225: Reviewing my progress

Day 225

I measured myself this evening before writing today’s blog post, and as I suspected, I haven’t been making as much progress as I would like.  In fact, on my primary goal, which is to add significant muscle mass, I haven’t made any significant gain over the past four weeks.  Though this is not the feedback that I wanted, it still is feedback and useful in helping me “tune” my strategy.

This leads me to examine what I could be doing wrong.  Besides training (which I have been diligently following), the areas where I could improve most is getting more sleep, and getting sufficient amount of food.  My sleep during the past week (since I arrived in Adelaide) hasn’t been the best as I readjusted to the time zone and also got into a new routine, so I have been getting just 6 hours on weekdays.  Nutrition has been better, but as I was just estimating my portions, I feel that I may have been psychologically holding back on food as I was afraid to gain too much fat.

On the other hand, the first three weeks (when I was still in Manila), I was getting a little more sleep, but my nutrition wasn’t as good as here.  Getting my braces just 1 week after starting this mission also got me eating less than I should, but now, it’s not as big an issue as it was as I am getting used to having them on now.

I’ll have to get all three, training, nutrition, and recovery right if I am to make good progress.  I will find time within this week to get my nutrition just right (back to crunching my calories) and adjust my routine so I can get more sleep.

Today, I got my weight training as scheduled.  I did make progress on my exercises, so that is good.  I also did a quick trip to the supermarket to get some meats to add to my stock of protein for work, and frozen veggies and fruit that do not require refrigeration.  I also picked up a few large white potatoes to bake and brown rice for good starchy carbs.

Eat right, train hard, recover well, and expect success!


Day 225 - Front Day 225 - Back Day 225 - Side

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