Day 221: Hard to find clothes here that fit

Day 221

I had no training scheduled for today, and the malls here in Adelaide are open late on Thursdays, so I spent my evening after work having my last two meals at the mall and doing a bit of shopping.  As it was a non-training day, I minimized my carb (rice) intake in the evening and focused on getting lean protein and vegetables.  I was also looking for a pair of boardshorts to use at the beach, as in my rush to pack for this trip, I forgot to pack something to swim with.  I looked at a few shops; there were some nice ones but they were too expensive for me.  I found a discount store with a few styles I liked, but couldn’t find one in my size!  All of the boardies I looked at were too large for me, as perhaps the sizes cater to Caucasian people, who tend to be larger than most Asians like me.  Some of the clothes I looked at would have fit me a few months ago, but now are too loose.  I guess I would just have to look harder.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 221 - Front Day 221 - Back Day 221 - Side

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