Day 220: Good news lifts my spirits

Day 220

My day at work was almost the same as yesterday, in limbo until I got news regarding the legal issues I mentioned the other day.  A few minutes before I was due to pack to get out of the office, an email came in which cheered me up.  The issues weren’t as bad as I feared they would be, so I could continue my project to completion here in Adelaide, but there are still some issues which hopefully can be cleared up soon.

I rushed back to the apartment, had my first dinner/pre-workout meal of a chicken sandwich with lots of veggies, rested bit, wrote down my workout plan in my little notebook, and then drove to the gym.  Fortunately, it wasn’t as packed as it was previously, so I had little problem doing my workout.  Today’s workout was for the upper body, using alternating sets of two complementary exercises, with higher-reps and short rest periods (45s only).  In my excitement, I overestimated the weights I could handle in the dumbbell overhead press (which was paired with chinups), and was forced to stop my last two sets just a little past halfway through the set of 12 reps, as my form was failing.  It was tough to recover from the pullups, especially as the rest periods were so short.  Still, I got quite a good pump and just felt good about myself and my workout.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 220 - Front Day 220 - Back Day 220 - Side

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