Days 216 to 217: Settling In

Days 216 to 217: Settling In

My journey from Manila to Adelaide consisted of three legs, Manila to Melbourne, and then on to Sydney, where I then changed planes to Adelaide. It was a long journey, total travel time being 13.5 hours including stopovers. Throughout the journey, I was able to eat approximately every three hours, though not all of the meals served on the plane were well-balanced. That was not the only inconvenience for me on the trip; among others, I wasn’t able to sleep well on the long leg from Manila to Melbourne as I could not recline as far as I wanted to avoid hitting a tall person behind me, and it took me a long, long time to clear immigration in Sydney. I arrived in Adelaide feeling very tired and needing to sleep.

I was picked up at Adelaide airport by one of my business contacts and led to a different apartment in an area called Glenelg. It’s a very nice area, being the most popular beach for the city’s inhabitants. My apartment is perhaps 150 meters from the water, though I don’t see it from where I am. It’s quite a bit further out from our client’s office (almost 2.5 times the previous distance), but there’s more to do in the area. Unfortunately, the apartment doesn’t have an internet connection, so I am posting this late from the office. I do hope it gets sorted out soon. My contact also took me to a small grocery store to get some breakfast items (eggs, oatmeal, and milk) as the fridge empty. Before I turned in for the night, I walked to the suburb’s main street to get something to eat for dinner (lamb gyros), ate it, then went to bed.

I slept almost 10 hours straight! The next day, I woke up, cooked my usual breakfast of oatmeal and omelette, showered, and then went to church. I then had lunch at a nearby shopping mall. There I did my groceries to prepare me for the week ahead. I bought some chicken breasts, fish fillets, beef rump steak, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables. I was a bit suprised that my grocery bill was higher than I expected; prices must have gone up since I was last here two months ago! I spent most of the evening preparing and cooking my food, but only after I walked by the beach for about 20 minutes each way to the shopping strip to pick up a few more items that I forgot to buy at the supermarket.

Hopefully this week I’ll be back to business as usual.


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