Day 218: Back to training

Day 218

My fitness routine was back to normal today as I went back to our client’s office today.  I brought my three prepared meals to work and had two of them on schedule.  The third was delayed as the lunch room (where the fridge is located) was being used for a closed-door meeting, so I could not get to my food!  Fortunately, I still had my banana with me, so I had fruit before my main meal.

New apartment in a new suburb meant that another gym was closer to me than the one I used before.  I went to another branch of the gym I use back in Manila, using their overseas “roaming” program.  When I went after work the gym was packed, which made alternating front squats and step ups a bit of a problem.  I had to work in with a trainer/trainee couple, which added a bit of time to my rest periods, but otherwise, I was able to get my workout done.

At the office, not everything was as it was supposed to be due to some confusion over legal matters.  I’ll have to wait and see a few days to see if the situation can be resolved.  Suffice it to say a lot of stress was generated and I’ve only just started here.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 218 - Front Day 218 - Back Day 218 - Side

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