Day 213: Running around

Day 213

Busy day at work, where I was solving issues myself or coordinating the efforts of my team.  As I am leaving for Adelaide in two days, I requested time off from work in the afternoon to attend to some of the things that I need to prepare, including picking up a few more supplies, going to the dentist (again), and in between tasks, I was able to squeeze in my lower-body workout.  I was also supposed to go to the bank too, but wasn’t able to do so as I was going to be late to the dentist.

My workout consisted of front squats insterspersed with step ups with a medium rep range, plus three other exercises including two for the core.  The workout was fast paced, and I was also able to add some weight to my front squats without compromising my form.

Eat right, train hard and expect success!


Day 213 - Front Day 213 - Back Day 213 - Side

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