Day 211: Training makes me forget the pain

Day 211

It was a pain for me eating anything hard today (because of my newly adjusted braces), so most of my food today were soft things like oatmeal, eggs, steamed flaky fish, some meatballs, and fish stew with vegetables.  I also had some softer fruit too like oranges, papaya, and grapes, though some grapes were hard to bite into (my front teeth were almost useless today).  I tried to eat a few chocolate-covered almonds in an effort to get a bit more healthy fats (and to feel a little better about my situation).  At first I just started by melting chocolate in my mouth, then very gently chewing the almond with my rearmost molars, which don’t give me much pain, but don’t grind as well as I hoped.  One time, while I was building up the courage to crush an erstwhile  chocolate-covered almond, I accidently swallowed the nut whole!

Training in the evening was a quick 4X8 upper-body blast.  I was able to add weight or complete the reps on all of the exercises (which I wasn’t able to do last time on this particular set/rep scheme due to time constraints), so I made progress!  I was totally focused on the exercises (the short rest periods contributed to this too), and was glad to avoid gritting my teeth too much when concentrating on the reps!  While training it seemed like nothing else mattered and the pain (on my teeth) wasn’t there.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


I’d like to make a shoutout to Danny of Physique Improvement blog, who’s going off to basic training for the US Air Force very soon.  This was after he completed several physique “missions” and made a dramatic transformation.  He has been a active and supportive part of the Shredder network.  Good luck on your new career!


Day 211 - Front Day 211 - Back Day 211 - Side

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