Day 210: Chewing ouch

Day 210

My nutrition schedule today got messed up by a longer-than-expected visit to the dentist, for another attempt to put in the last of my molar bands, which are an important part of my dental braces.  There were still some problems putting it in, but with a little work, the dentist was finally able to put it in.  After attaching the molar bands, the dentist then replaced the wires connecting the brackets (the archwire) with a thicker, stronger version, which should last me a couple of months.

The reason I’m saying this is that when the wire came on, I felt that it was a little bit stronger, but by the time I got back home and had dinner about an hour and a half later, it became a bit painful for me to chew!  I could only chew on meat gently a few times before I gave up and started swallowing it.  As with everything, I think it just takes a little getting used to, so I’ll just have to grit my teeth (figuratively) and soldier on.  The pain should go away in a few days; I’ve read that it will be like this every time my wires are adjusted.

No training today; I needed the rest to recover from the late night previous.


Day 210 - Front Day 210 - Back Day 210 - Side

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