Day 208: Quick lower-body blast

Day 208

Sorry for posting this a day late.  Yesterday was quite a busy day.  My coworkers wanted to go out in the evening, but since I had training scheduled after work too, I just went to work earlier so that I could leave work earlier and fit my workout in.

Yesterday was a lower body training day, using a relatively higher-volume set/rep scheme (3X12) with just 45 seconds rest in between sets.  Among the exercises was one where I alternated front squats and step ups.  Though I reduced the weights in comparison to my earlier workouts (which used lower-rep schemes), this workout still hit me pretty tough, as there was hardly any time to recover between sets before I had to do the next exercise.  After that, there were three more exercises which hit my core and lower body, again with very short rest periods.  All in all, it was a quick and challenging workout.

Right after my training, I went to meet my coworkers at a local restaurant and had some traditional Filipino fiesta fare, then had a beer at a bar, and then capped the night off with some coffee.  I got home late already so I just went straight to sleep, as I had a family outing the next day which I needed energy for.


Day 208 - Front Day 208 - Back Day 208 - Side

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