Day 206: High reps, short rest, hard workout

Day 206

Another early day at work, as I had one last interview to do for our job openings.  That was okay though as it allowed me to get to the gym with a bit of time to spare.

Training today were the same upper-body exercises as in my previous workout, but this time, using a higher rep scheme (3X12) and shorter rest periods between sets (just 45s).  I reduced the weight a bit compared to my 4X8 workout, but the chinup + dumbbell overhead press cycle (the second group of exercises) was still a killer!  In particular, I used no weight for the chinups, and I was able to complete the first set of 12, but my back and arms have hardly recovered when it came time to have a go at another set of 12 (this was already after a set of overhead presses).  In short, I was only able to complete 5 good reps on my 2nd and 3rd pullup sets.  I’m disappointed, of course, but at least I now have a target to work up to!

Nutrition today was very good.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 206 - Front Day 206 - Back Day 206 - Side

One thought on “Day 206: High reps, short rest, hard workout

  1. Hi Ron, the routine sounds pretty tough! Your post yesterday made me go into the kitchen late at night, getting prepared for today…
    I have a visit to the dentist in the afternoon, so she’s gonna tell me when’s the premolar going to get removed… until then, I will have a partial plan… perhaps it’s on friday, perhaps next week… I wish time could fly right now and suddenly I just wake up and everything’s ok… well.. it’s not a big deal, but surely made me change some things…
    You’re doing great…. what started for you as a journey is now a habit!… good job Ron, you’ve always been an inspiration…

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