Day 204: Lower Body 5X5

Day 204

It was a better day for me today with regard to nutrition.  As I have not yet done my groceries over the weekend, I made sure to bring my whey protein with me, and my two snacks at work were protein shakes augmented by fruit.  My bigger meals were a good ones with lean proteins and a bit higher carb intake (as it is a training day), with fruits and veggies too.

On my way home from work, I was able to buy fish fillets and chicken breasts which I plan to cook over the next few days to help me keep with my nutrition plan better, as well as more vegetables and fruit.

Once I got home, I did some foam rolling before cycling my way to the gym.  Today was a lower-body training day, using alternating exercises (knee and then hip dominant / bilateral and then unilateral) with a 5X5 set/rep scheme.  This scheme is more strength-focused, so I upped the weights over what I did from my previous workout.  The workout also included an interesting move for the core and hamstrings (single-legged supine hip extensions + leg curl on a swiss ball) which was the first time I did this particular move.  On my previous workouts, I have been doing this particular exercises with two legs in preparation for the single-leg variation.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 204 - Front Day 204 - Back Day 204 - Side

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