Day 203: Busy Sunday

Day 203

Today was another scheduled day of rest from training. I was able to keep to my eating schedule with good food mostly, but haven’t really been able to really plan out my meals for the coming week yet.

Though there was no training, it was still quite a busy day for me. After Sunday mass and lunch, I went to the dentist again where I was supposed to have my molar bands put in. However, despite waiting for over an hour beyond my scheduled appointment time, my dentist wasn’t able to put all of the bands in yet as the spaces between my teeth were still too tight, so I’ll have to go back again in a few days to have the remaining 3 out the 4 needed put in.

After that, it was off to get a haircut, then a snack, then straight to the cinema with my family to watch “Australia”. Though I’ve been to Australia many times, I have never been to the Outback, so in spite of its long running time, we all enjoyed watching the movie for the vistas (the story’s not too bad either). I value this time together with family as I’ll be on the road again in two weeks.

Tomorrow it’s back to the gym to do my next lower-body workout. Hopefully I’ll have some time to do my groceries after that.  Now that I’ve had a few days to get used to eating with my braces, I have some idea already what I can and cannot eat easily.

By the way, I wish a happy birthday to the Shreddersphere’s Adam Waters. Thanks for inspiring me to start my own fitness journey, Adam.  I hope I could be like you in being able to keep the fat off and keep getting fitter and fitter!


Day 203 - Front Day 203 - Back Day 203 - Side

One thought on “Day 203: Busy Sunday

  1. Hey Ron, I remember the brace-in-the face-time when I was small. You are a tough guy to go for it now.

    By the way, your are looking better and better every day.


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