Day 201: Adapting to the situation

Day 201

I had relatively modest fitness goals for today:

  • Eat on schedule
  • Get my weight training done

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got my dental braces installed last night, and I have braced myself for some difficulty when eating.  This was the case today, when it was harder for me to bite into food and chew with my molars.  I didn’t bring any solid food with me to work other than fresh chopped fruit and some boiled cooking bananas (saba) which were soft enough to chew as long as these have been sliced.  I also brought several scoops of whey protein and skim milk powder.  For lunch, I went with my officemates to a local restaurant where I ordered a Salisbury (hamburger) steak, which I knew I would be able to chew more easily.  Slowly but surely, I have been adapting to eating with my braces.  I need to find out within the next few days what kinds of food I can eat without any problem, and the best way to do that is to try different things.

After work, I went to the gym and did my upper body training following Built for Show’s Fall program.  The set/rep scheme for today was different from the last workout featuring the same exercises, which forces the body to adapt to another type of stress.  I cycled to and from the gym, and all in all I spent just about an hour there and was satisfied with the effort I was able to put in.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 201 - Front Day 201 - Back Day 201 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 201: Adapting to the situation

  1. I hope the pain goes away.. I think you just need to worry a few days.. after that, you can chew as always (with the molars) the only thing you must not do is bite with the teeth like pulling something (i.e. biting an apple)… :s… I personally have a dental issue I’m sad about right now, I have a supernumerary premolar that has to be extracted through surgery ASAP, and that will put me away from training… I think I have to ask Adam my best option as I have to wait at least a week off from workouts… I guess that’s the recommendation… :(.. anyway… we’re just learning to deal with the experiences..!!

    • I sure hope so Celina. I tried biting into a soft shwarma (something like a soft taco) yesterday and it was a challenge to say the least.

      Sad to hear of your extra tooth. I guess you won’t be able to workout, but you should still be able to eat cleanly.

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