Day 200: A big change with a new set of challenges

Day 200

Today I woke up early for work as I had an appointment with my dentist in the  afternoon.  Most of my day was spent interviewing applicants for our job openings, and that was both entertaining and tiring!

In the afternoon after work, I went to my dentist to have my dental braces put on.  I was a bit nervous before I went, but the process itself wasn’t too bad.  It did take longer than I was told it would, so I missed one of my meals.  I just made it up with a protein shake as soon as I got back.

However, I will have to get used to eating with braces on; I found that I have to eat a lot more slowly than I’m used to doing and that chewing is a bit difficult as the dentist put some spacers between my molars.  This is to prepare them for the molar bands that will be installed in three days time.

I bought myself a big tub of whey protein today so that I could still get my protein easily without too much chewing.  Hopefully I’ll find a set of foods that will work for me as I adapt to life with braces.  I’ll manage this and I’m expecting success!


Day 200 - Front Day 200 - Back Day 200 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 200: A big change with a new set of challenges

  1. Well.. the pain will go away in few days and you will be able to live an almost normal life!! It just hurts at the beginning and makes you feel your teeth are going to fall if you chew hard… just… a little bit of patience boy..

  2. Congrats on getting through 200 days, ron.
    Sucks that you cant eat properly though.
    Will you be able to chew properly again after molar bands are inserted?

    • Thanks Danny. I don’t know yet how I’ll feel chewing when the molar bands are inserted. I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself. But just like with anything, I’ll find a way to adapt.

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