Day 199: Morning workout

Day 199

Today I woke up more than an hour earlier than usual so that I could go to the gym early in the morning to get my lower body + core workout done.  I had to do this as I had an appointment with my dentist in the evening, so working out in the evening was not an option.  I cycled to and from the gym (which served as a warmup already), did some mobility exercises, and then proceeded to my exercises.

It was refreshing to be able to work out in a nearly empty gym!  That helped a lot since for legs I was to do both front squats and step ups in an alternate set sequence.  Once more during the step ups I noticed that my left leg hip has some catching up to do with my right in terms of strength!

Nutrition was generally good except for a few fried foods at lunch (a chicken burger at KFC) and a sub-optimal afternoon snack, before I went for my appointment.  The dentist did some preliminary measurements today, and tomorrow afternoon I will be back there again to have a procedure done.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 199 - Front Day 199 - Back Day 199 - Side

3 thoughts on “Day 199: Morning workout

  1. Did you feel better your workout in the morning? I guess a lot of people have problems working out very early, due to lack of strength or meals before training… but later, during the day, you feel fine knowing that you did your workout already… what kind of feeling you had?…

    • Hi Celina,

      Save for the need to wake up earlier, I didn’t feel my training suffered by doing it in the morning. If anything, my training was more intense as I did not have to wait for other people to use the gym equipment, which lead to more focus during the workout.

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