Day 197: Mission 3 Kicks Off

Day 197

Today I start Mission 3.  I really, really wanted to start this mission before my life starts going topsy-turvy in a few weeks when I go overseas again to continue my work projects.  There’s also something coming up in a few days which may seriously affect my mission (at least for the first few weeks), so I decided to get into gear first and then deal with the issues as they come.

I measured myself this morning with my scale and calipers using the three-point method (chest, abdomen, thigh), and so here are my starting measurements:

  • Weight: 67.4 kg
  • Height: 1.685 m
  • Bodyfat percentage: 8.3%
  • Fat mass: 5.6 kg
  • Lean mass: 61.8 kg

My aim on this mission is to gain as much lean muscle as possible while keeping my bodyfat low.  For my training, I will be following the Fall program of Nate Green’s Built for Show, as it features many of my requirements for this mission:

  • A hypertrophy (muscle-building) based program
  • Focus on compound movements.  There is not a single isolation exercise in sight!
  • A good mix of bilateral and unilateral movements. In this mission especially, I reintroduce dumbbells for overhead and horizontal pressing movements, and get to do step ups and Bulgarian split squats, which I need to balance out my strength on the left and right sides.
  • Short workouts. None of the workouts use more than 6 exercises, and that already includes exercises for the core.

I’m still going to use the visualisation, motivation,  and goal-setting techniques that are espoused in Adam Waters‘ upcoming RTP Transformation System, as well as follow a nutrition plan based on Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (which Adam generally follows).

I almost didn’t get my workout in today, as after work, I went to run an errand first, and got to the gym at around 7:30 PM. Upon arriving, I was told that the gym was closing tonight at 8 PM!  Today was upper-body consisting of horizontal pull and horizontal push movements alternating, and then vertical pull and vertical push movements alternating, and then finally some core work.  I quickly did some mobility drills (shoulder dislocations and T pushups) to warm up, and then went straight to work.  However, instead of taking the recommended rest between sets (generally 30 s to 1 min), I just alternated between the exercises with just enough time to catch my breath.  I was able to finish the first exercise pair, but only got to half of the 2nd pair before the lights were put out.  That took all of 15 minutes.  After packing up my stuff and getting home, I just completed the remaining core exercises at home, as the core exercises today only required the floor!

Nutrition today was very good.  I planned my calories for just my maintenance level as I am hoping to lose a little bit more of my fat to start.  I do still need to revisit my calorie requirements as I believe they have changed after my last mission.  I just need more time to plan it out over the next few days.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 197 - Front Day 197 - Back Day 197 - Side

One thought on “Day 197: Mission 3 Kicks Off

  1. Hi Ron! Well it’s great to know that you’re one of the guys that doesn’t love the mirror that much while training.. you prefer challenging and compound exercises! that’s great… I wish you the best of the best on this new mission… you’re gonna make it, for sure.. I started Adam’s program today, I hope to have the strength (mental more than physical) to finish with good results…
    Oh… I don’t know why I love bulgarian split squats… and I don’t do them too often!! haha … they are very challenging! as well as step ups… well… I’m tired just by reading your blog.. ha..! good luck on your mission Ron!

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