Days 195-196 Review

Days 195-196

Sorry for not posting over the weekend. It was a pretty unusual one for me.

Saturday I woke up early and as planned, I did my HIIT morning run before having breakfast. It rained hard the night before so the pavement was a bit slippery. I felt that this affected my running style, and this was confirmed a few hours later when I felt that there was a bit of pain in my right knee. Gladly, by this Monday morning my knee feels a lot better.

Saturday afternoon and evening my family and I visited some relatives in another town. I was able to keep my meals during the day pretty clean except for my late afternoon meal, when we had some pizza delivered. I hope I made up for that when I went for a swim in the evening. I think I swam a total of 30 laps of the 25 meter pool. It got pretty chilly as night fell, so I was encouraged to keep moving in the water.

Upon arriving home late in the evening, we discovered that our dog of 12 years, Casper, has died in his sleep. He’s a Japanese Spitz and was very much loved by our family. He has been showing his age for the past few months already, and almost died while I was away on my last overseas trip. I was so glad that I arrived back home while he was still alive, and that he was able to see the new year. The last few days have been very difficult for him, and we all knew that he was already saying goodbye to us. I had originally wanted to blog that evening upon arriving from our trip, but I was feeling quite upset and couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Sunday morning, we all pitched in to dig Casper’s grave in our backyard. I have to admit that I’m not very handy with a pick and shovel! The tools we used were ancient, but we were able to get the job done. For my efforts, I got a blister on the inside of my right thumb. Hope it heals quick.

At noon, my family and I went to a house blessing of one of our neighbours. Then it was off to the dentist for a checkup and to get my teeth cleaned. I wasted a lot of time there waiting for more than an hour and a half beyond our appointed time! Once that was done, it was off to hear Sunday mass and run some errands.

I had planned to start my third mission today, Day 197, the 26th of January 2009. So last night before I went to bed I prepared my meals for coming work day. So later today I’m going to the gym to get my first session in. It will be a tricky start for me this week; I have some big (not directly fitness-related) changes planned for this week that could seriously affect how I go about this mission. But I’ll start anyway and see how I can adjust to the change. I’ll post more details on the change if it pushes through.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


One thought on “Days 195-196 Review

  1. Wow Ron, a weekend full of things! In my personal opinion dogs are very special creatures that God sends for us… never tired of giving love and company… I still can’t believe how they can get really happy every time you arrive, no matter how you treat them… I know for sure your dog is in an incredible place resting in peace..
    Regards from Mexico .. Ron… and oh! remember Adam’s progressive discipline chapter… you can begin and gradually become more disciplined and strict in your mission… the important thing is that you’re starting right away!..
    I’m planning to start the rtp ts tomorrow so I’m kind of nervous… seriously…. have a nice day and a great start in your new mission Ron…
    Sincerly, Celina

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