Day 194: Needing contingency plans

Day 194

I had originally planned to do some HIIT running today, but work got in the way. I was going through applicant resumes the whole day as I have two open positions in my department that need to be filled before I go on the road again in three weeks time! Will do the run 1st thing tomorrow before breakfast.

Nutrition was quite good today, as it should be when I bring meals to work! The only exception was my 5th “meal”, which were more a series of little meals as it was caught in the time that I was trying to finish things up at work and getting home. I had brought three meals to work, but by the time I had extended my work hours, I didn’t have any spare meals left, so I scrounged around for what was available within spitting distance. It’s also not easy here in Manila to rely on protein bars, as they are very hard to find and generally very expensive, but I do still have that I brought back from my last overseas trip. On Monday, I’ll bring one of my spares and keep it in my drawer at work.

Eat right, have contingency plans, and expect success!



One thought on “Day 194: Needing contingency plans

  1. Hi Ron, well, you always now how to fix weird days!… you like cooking a lot, you should check some whey protein-oatmeal cookies or bars recipes you can cook yourself, therefore you’ll know exactly what your eating and can have an emergency exit! … can’t wait for your next mission, I guess I’m gonna start mine (RTP Transformation System) on Monday as well…. let’s see what happens…
    Thanks a lot for your posts!

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