Day 193: Lower Body Strength Imbalance

Day 193

Today I was in the gym again to try a lower-body and core workout from Built for Show.  For lower body, it was alternating sets betwen front squats and step-ups, with my left side going first on the step ups.  It’s the first time I’ve done unilateral work on my lower body in months, and it highlighted the imbalance in strength between my left and right legs.  My step ups on my left were significantly more difficult then the ones on my right, and so it wasn’t a surprise that it’s my left hip that was feeling the strain the most when I was doing sets of heavy squats before.  That tells me that my next program should address this imbalance.

Nutrition was very good today!

Eat right, train hard, listen to your body, and expect success!


Day 193 - Front Day 193 - Back Day 193 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 193: Lower Body Strength Imbalance

  1. Hypertrophy huh? I’ve heard that it’s really difficult to gain lean muscle mass.. it means a lot of clean eating and hard working!!… I’m sure you’re gonna make it Ron…
    I guess we all have weak sides on our bodies, but I’m sure that if you keep doing things like single leg squats, lunges, step ups and maybe bulgarian split squats.. with exercises like those… your weak leg is going to gain a lot of strength working alone, without the help of the strong one… I guess.!! 🙂
    Keep going Ron, when are you going to start your next mission?

    • Yes, Celina, I think building muscle is harder than losing the fat, but as long as I am able to stick to a plan, I should be able to do it!

      And yes, my next program will definitely include unilateral leg work to address the imbalance. Stronglifts 5X5 (which I used in Mission 2) was all bilateral, so my stronger leg must have been picking up the slack.

      I plan to start my next mission on Monday, Jan 26, Day 197. Keep tuned in!

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