Day 192: Not missing my fast food

Day 192

Rest day from training today.  Nutrition was not very good for lunch, as I had a chicken burger at a fast food joint together with a salad and some pasta.  It’s been months since I’ve eaten a fast food place.  There was a time not too long ago when I was eating lunch at a local burger place once or twice a week.  Now I realise that I don’t really miss it.

Tomorrow I plan to be back in the gym again to try another workout from Built For Show, this time a lower-body workout.  Tonight, I’m enjoying my rest.



2 thoughts on “Day 192: Not missing my fast food

  1. Hi Ron, well congratulations on the end of your mission, it happened while I was out of an internet connection. Great results! Now I see you’re in a transition mode… do you already know your next mission? Keep it up boy

    • Hi Celina, welcome back! I’m planning my next mission to be one of hypertrophy, while getting my bodyfat a bit lower so that my abs show up again. Summer here in the Philippines comes in 3 months, so that gives me a reason to look my best.

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