Day 191: Back to the gym!

Day 191It was a bit early day for me, as I had to visit a local client with my team from work.  I sat in a long meeting in the morning and because of that I missed my planned snack.  Other meals for the day were basically on schedule.  I haven’t been counting calories yet at this time, but that will come when I start a program.  Right now I am still in transition mode.

In the evening, I tried out one of the workouts in Nate Green’s Built for Show.  It was an upper-body workout using alternating sets of push/pull exercises.  Unfortunately, a key piece of exercise equipment (the seated cable row machine) is nonexistent in the gym I go to, so I had to substitute with a HammerStrength row for now.  Other than that, I enjoyed the workout and left the gym within an hour.  What a refreshing change as towards the end of my StrongLifts program, my workouts were creeping toward 1.5 to 2 hours (because of the longer rest periods needed).  This workout was quick as the rest periods were shorter.  However, one thing that’s may be a challenge with this program (and many others that utilize supersetting) is that it’s very very difficult to do in a crowded gym.  I might consider shifting my workouts to mornings before work if I can find a schedule that works for me.

Eat right, train hard, try new things, and expect success!


Day 191 - Front Day 191 - Back Day 191 - Side

One thought on “Day 191: Back to the gym!

  1. I have to agree about the busy gym problem with many workout programs. It’d be great to have a system that is made specifically for busy gyms 🙂 Turbulence Training comes close (as it’s often bodyweight and dumbbells) but often you still need a bench.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what program you choose, Ron 🙂

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