Day 189: A Week of Rest

Day 189

Good day to you all.  Today was the last day of enforced rest for me.  I was glad to have this physical and mental break from training to let my body recover and heal.  That last week of StrongLifts 5X5 was really hard for me, and even now, my lower back still aches, but now just a little bit.

Nutrition today wasn’t very good as I ate a bit too much at our neighbour’s 63rd birthday celebration this evening.  We have been neighbours with him since I was little (25 years now), and we grew up together with his kids.  It was nice to spend some time with our other neighbours as well.

I haven’t quite decided on the next training program I’ll be following, but tomorrow, I’m going back to the gym to do some “warm-up” exercises to get me back into the lifting groove before I begin my next program in earnest.  This morning I measured myself again and found that my body composition has moved a bit toward where I don’t want to go.  No surprise there — peaks are by definition always followed by valleys, but it gives me that extra incentive to get into the gym once again and reach my next higher peak.

Hope your weekends went well!


Day 189 - Front Day 189 - Back Day 189 - Side

One thought on “Day 189: A Week of Rest

  1. Hi Ron,
    Glad you have enjoyed your week´s rest and all´s well there. Have missed you there in Adam´s new website and missed your news. Why don´t you drop by and blog some there? Lots of fun things to check out each day. Today they put up 2 outstanding ways to calculate how much to eat and the percentages on low-calorie day and refeed days. Easier for me for sure.
    I bought a Foam Roller, got it from England, and now don´t know what to do with it. Need to Google some and figure it out. Bought a book too, but it´s not that clear.
    Take care and good luck with whatever you decide on doing next. Wish you well.

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