Day 188: Lower-back still feeling the pain

Day 188

Today and yesterday I continued with my week-long rest from training.  I have still been eating pretty clean and almost on schedule, every 3 hours or so.  The soreness from almost my whole body is gone, but my lower back still hurts a bit especially when I sit too long with my whole back supported on cushions and then try to bend forward.  I think on my last deadlift attempt (more than a week ago now!) I stressed my back too much as I forced myself to complete the last two reps on my set of five.  I hope this paint clears up soon so that I can get back to training without any worries.

I’ve been using the extra time I have to catch up on things that I have been putting off (like going through the last few months worth of bank/card statements which piled up while I was away).   Also, it’s good to be able stay up late to watch some TV with my family, and then wake up a bit late the next day, hehe.

Eat right, mind your recovery, and expect success!



One thought on “Day 188: Lower-back still feeling the pain

  1. Enjoy the rest Ron.

    Haven’t seen you much in SS2.0 mate. You should drop by and have a look at what is going on, it’s getting busy in there.

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