Day 186: Finally got Tom Venuto’s new book!

Day 186

After almost a week of emails, phone calls, and frustrations, I capitulated and finally had my copy of Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution delivered today by the courier company.  All in all, including freight, customs, duties, and taxes, it cost me 4 times the price of the book to get it into my hands!  I’ve already started reading it and have completed the first chapter already.  From what I have read so far, it should be a very interesting read.  I’m looking forward to reading it all so that I can have the proper mindset and strategies to help me achieve and maintain my best body composition.

Otherwise, it was another pretty interesting day at the office.  Over the past few days, I was wondering why I haven’t gotten any email replies from the candidates to which I have offered our two available positions.  After a lot of testing, I finally narrowed it down to our company spam filter blocking the replies due to the them containing the word “Specialist” (which contains a word frequently flagged by spam filters).  Ironically, that word was part of the job title!  After reconfiguring and rewriting our spam blocking rules, I finally got emails containing the job title.  Whew.  I was seriously considering renaming the position, hehe.

Eat right, mind your recovery, keep learning, and expect success!



2 thoughts on “Day 186: Finally got Tom Venuto’s new book!

    • Hey Mark, good that yours arrived without hassle. I agree, the book looks great; I noticed the typesetting is very nice and easy to read, first-rate.

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