Day 183: Mission 2 Review

Day 183

At the start of Mission 2, I listed the following goals:

  • Relearn proper form and gain strength on the big compound lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, power clean, and pullup)
  • By focusing on strength, I also aim to gain at least 3 kg of lean muscle
  • Keep my bodyfat controlled, at or below 8%

How did I do?

  • On what was my primary target, I was able to increase my strength on all of my compound lifts, and definitely improved on my form on all of them, with a greater range of motion on both squats and bench press.  Unfortunately, I don’t have proper measurements for my starting strength, but here is what I could gather from my notes from previous programs.  Note that for squats and bench presses, the new bests are for 5X5 (all sets same weight) while the previous bests are for 1X5 (one set only at that weight)
    Exercise Previous Best New Best
    Squat 100kg (1X5) 117.5kg (5X5)
    Deadlift 115kg (1X5) 132.5kg (1X5)
    Bench Press 75kg (1X5) 80kg (5X5)
    Power Clean 60kg (1X8) 62.5kg (5X5)
    Pullup (3 set total) 25 32

    Not listed on my original goal list was the barbell overhead press. I don’t remember having pressed over 40kg before, but by the end of M2 I had done 5X5 at 50kg.

  • I gained 1.9kg of lean muscle, a bit under target.
  • I ended with 8.5% bodyfat, not too far from my target.

My comparison pics







And stats


What I could have improved on

I think my body composition results would have ended up better if I had taken the time to really plan the calorie count and macronutrient balance of my meals.  I deliberately let myself “slack off” a bit on the nutrition side over the holidays to allow me to enjoy it a bit more.  Planning meals with locally available ingredients here in Manila also took a lot of adjustment.

Sleep was a bit of an issue at the start and middle of this mission (when I was happy with 6 hours sleep), but that improved once I took days of from work over the holiday period (which coincided with the loading on my exercises really picking up). It shortened again once I got back to work so the last week of recovery could really have been better.

My Day Today

As it is my rest week, I did no training today.  I was however able to stick with my meal schedule with me preparing 3 out of my 5 meals myself.

Eat right, train hard, rest well, and expect success!



8 thoughts on “Day 183: Mission 2 Review

  1. Fantastic work mate 🙂 You can really see that you’ve gained a nice mass of muscle across all groups. Your back is looking exceptionally strong! I’m jealous!! 🙂

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on StrongLifts now you’ve done it for 12 weeks.

    • Thanks for the compliments, Mark! It was hard work especially once the weights started getting heavy, but I think it was worth it. I’ll post my thoughts on Stronglifts soon.

  2. Awesome job on Mission 2, Ron.
    Some massive improvements with your lifting!
    Also great improvement with the pics.
    You really can see a big difference between the first and the last!

    Shred on bud.


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