Day 182: Last day of my current mission

Day 182

Today was the last day of Mission 2: Bigger and Stronger!  It was pretty much a rest day, save for the Flatten Your Abs training I did this evening, which was held over from yesterday.  Nutrition was not bad even though I attended a wedding at noon; the food was quite healthy and I ate in moderation.  However, yet again, I had ice cream after dinner so I have to dock myself half a point for that.

So what’s next?  I plan to take a full week off training to let my body recover, heal, and refresh itself!  I’m still experiencing soreness and pain in a few places so rest should do me well.  I will still eat clean healthy food for most of my meals; in fact, I cooked myself another batch of baked chicken and pork to bring to work.  I will also be using the week to plan my next mission.

It’s quite late already as I spent the night after dinner watching a funny television series with my family (while cooking baked chicken and baked pork no less!).  Time with family is precious to me right now as I’ll be on the road again in a few weeks.

I’ll be writing my mission review and posting stats and comparison pics tomorrow.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 182 - Front Day 182 - Back Day 182 - Side

One thought on “Day 182: Last day of my current mission

  1. Well done completing another very successful mission Ron! Enjoy your rest day and I look forward to reading your mission review and seeing your comparison pics tomorrow.

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