Day 181: Recovery day

Day 181

I sorely needed to rest today, so instead of going to the gym to do my core training, I decided to postpone this until tomorrow afternoon.  I used the day to catch up on sleep (and sleep some more), and now feel quite better.  My muscles are not as tired as they were when I woke up, but they sure are still sore!  Nutrition wasn’t too bad (and on time), save for the ice cream after dinner.

I was supposed to get my copy of Tom Venuto’s book (The Body Fat Solution) yesterday (I pre-ordered it from Amazon), but I wasn’t home when delivery was attempted, and nobody was there to pay the exorbitant customs and duty fees that it was assessed with.  Imagine, the book only cost USD 16.40, but I was asked to pay the equivalent of USD 32.50 in customs and duty charges!  This is already in addition to the shipping charges I already paid Amazon which almost doubled the price of the book for me to begin with.  I was trying to get call Customs yesterday afternoon to contest the charges, but couldn’t  get through.  I hope I get this resolved by Monday so that I could start reading it.

Eat right, train hard, rest well, and expect success!


Day 181 - Front Day 181 - Back Day 181 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 181: Recovery day

  1. Ron your shouders and delts are looking awesome now! StrongLifts has done wonders for you. What is next for you once this is completed? Will you be doing the RTP system?

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Mark! Once I complete this current program, I’ll be taking at least a week off training. I haven’t decided on my next program just yet, so I’ll use the rest week to read more and decide.

    • Thanks Juli. I’m sure the book is good, but paying 4 times the original amount (twice the amount just for customs charges) to get it is hard to accept.

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