Day 180: Training around pain

Day 180

I woke up today still feeling quite sore all over, and going through the day I was seriously considering postponing my training for tomorrow.  My lower back was still giving me regular reminders that I had pounded it hard in the most recent workout.  My left hip was also flaring up in certain positions, especially when in flexion.  However, I was still excited to complete my 5X5 workouts (the last of this current training cycle) with a bang!

Good thing was, I had planned to do speed squats (10X2 at much lower weights than my max) instead of the usual 5X5, as I had done on the last training day of last week.  This is to lessen the possibility of overtraining since my squats had already gone over 150% of my body weight.  Another thing was, no deadlifts were scheduled for today, so there was less chance of aggravating my back pain.  I also remembered reading from Tom Venuto’s book that one can find ways to train even if there is pain in an area; if you are determined, you can still work around the pain or injury.

So, after a lot of thinking while sitting in the bus in traffic on the way home, I decided to push through with my workout!  I didn’t go straight from work, but went home first to do change clothes and do my foam rolling exercises.  Once at the gym, I went through my usual mobility drills (which I sorely needed).

Today, I decided to start with power cleans instead of squats, since I wanted to still have power for my power clean attempt at 5X5, 65kg.  I did my progressive warmup reps until I got to 65kg.  The first set was not too bad, but as each set and rep went on, it became harder and harder to explode up.  I was able to complete 5 reps up to the 4th set, and almost completed the fifth set, but wasn’t able to rack the bar properly on my shoulders on the very last rep.  Arghh!

I followed with another attempt at 5X5 barbell bench presses at 82.5kg.  I was able to do 5 reps on the first two sets, but only 3 reps each on the last three sets.  I think my body still hasn’t fully recovered from two days ago.  Still, I know I really pushed myself hard (thanks to a trainer on hand to spot me when I failed my reps).

I then moved to speed squats, 10X2 at 75kg.  I minimized my rest periods to just 30 to 40 seconds between sets, and focused on going low and keeping my form tight.

Finally, I did 3X5 weighted pushups, today at 40kg.  I had to push hard, but I completed the three sets!  I decided to postpone my core training to tomorrow as I wanted to let my body recover a bit.

Nutrition throughout the day was no problem, save for my last meal when I had some ice cream, as our family celebrated my brother getting a new job.  I also wanted to celebrate completing my 12-week Stronglifts cycle.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 180 - Front Day 180 - Back Day 180 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 180: Training around pain

    • Thanks Jay. Yup, Stronglifts was great for me (and I really liked its focus on strength), but I’m ready for a different training mode after twelve weeks on it! Have to challenge the body in a different way now.

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