Day 178: Late night

Day 178

It was another quite busy day for me today.  I didn’t have any errands to run for work, but we had a big brainstorming session in the afternoon for a project which we have recently started.  Today was also the last day for two of my direct reports at work before they go to their project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and they wanted to throw a going-away get-together after work.  I have been dithering on going to this event for a few days.  I didn’t want to miss my planned training session today, but I also didn’t want to miss out on a team event.

I still went to the gym as planned.  I was able to add another 2.5kg each to my 5X5 squat (for 117.5kg, a PR for me).  I couldn’t do so on my barbell overhead presses, when I attempted 62.5kg, I could not get to 5 reps on my 3rd to 5th sets.  However, I did push hard on the deadlifts (1X5), where I was able to add another 2.5kg (for 132.5kg, another PR).  I felt quite a strain on my lower back on the last rep, but I was still able to complete the rep until lockout.   Pullups were last (3 sets to failure), where I was only able to do 30, two short of my personal record of 32.

I didn’t have time to do my core workout today (I postponed to tomorrow), as I had to rush to our get-together.  I still made sure to have my post-workout shake and meal before going there.  I was the last to arrive at the gathering, where I had a few shots of rhum and tequila, always making sure to drink a lot of water afterwards.  I was also the first one to leave at just past one in the morning!  At least I was there for my team’s send-off, which I’m sure they appreciated.

Now I have to get to rest  I’m sure my aching back will thank me if I get enough sleep!


Day 178 - Front Day 178 - Back Day 178 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 178: Late night

  1. I admire your discipline…and it makes you look so great. Ron, you should let us know what keps you so disciplined. Great work, Juli

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