Day 177: Some things I learned in 2008

Day 177

It was another pretty busy day for me.  In the morning, I went to the Australian embassy in the centre of the metropolis to apply for another visa so that I can continue my work project there.  I brought along my food and packed lunches with me for the trip, so I was able to stick to my schedule.  In the afternoon, it was back to the office, then in the evening, I went to the gym again with my mom where I taught her a few more exercises on the program I made for her.  I also did the core exercises which I missed doing last night.

Now, on to the main topic of my post today, inspired by blog posts from some people I’ve been reading lately and look up to like Nate Green, Tim Feriss,  and Vince DelMonte. In no particular order:

  • You get a better chance of success if you have a plan and stick to it rather than just feeling things as you go.
  • You have to have defined goals in order for you to move toward them.
  • Diet is as important as training when it comes to changing body composition.
  • I can accomplish things many things I thought I couldn’t if only I have the patience to stick to it.
  • Inertia is both your enemy and your friend. It’s hard to get your mind right to start a fitness program, but once you’re in full-speed, it can be difficult to stop!
  • You tend to stick to a plan better if there is somebody else who’s checking up on you.
  • Most people are willing to help if you just ask.
  • People who “have made it” are real people too and are not perfect, but they do many things right and I should learn from them.
  • In more situations than you think, a way can be found to do something if you look hard enough.
  • You have to be prepared to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
  • I can push myself harder than I thought I could.
  • I love eating some fresh fruit every day.
  • I don’t get tired of having eggs for breakfast.
  • Lifting heavy can be addictive.
  • Lifting heavy can be a pain, but it still is addictive.
  • Bigger rewards can be received if you are willing to risk something.
  • You should not be afraid to try something new just because you are afraid to fail.

There could be more, but I need to get some sleep now!


Day 177 - Front Day 177- Back Day 177 - Side

5 thoughts on “Day 177: Some things I learned in 2008

  1. Very impressive pics Ron! I haven’t had a chance to stop by here for a while. You are putting on some serious mass!! Quite a change from the last pics I saw. Keep up the hard work you are doing great!

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