Day 176: Back to the daily grind

Day 176

I went back to work today, and with it, a predictable schedule.  Fortunately, road traffic has eased up after the holiday mess, so not as much time was spent commuting by bus to and from work.  By not as much time, I meant 45 minutes each way over about 7km instead of 60!  I woke up and started my day much earlier than I had done over the holiday break.  That may also have helped me avoid the traffic jams.

I had planned a pretty tight day, with my 5th meal just right after I arrived home from work.  I did my foam rolling at home while my food was digesting, then proceeded to the gym (a ride away), where I continued with my mobility work.

For squats, I was to make another attempt at 115kg.  Again, as it was a PR attempt for me, I made sure to warm up with progressively heavier sets before going for 5X5.  Whereas last time I got stuck on the last rep of my 4th set, this time, I was able to complete all five sets!  Each set was a real challenge for me, and I had support myself as I finished each set to prevent myself from falling over.

Next were barbell bench presses, adding another 2.5kg for 82.5kg, another PR attempt.  Unfortunately for me, I was not able to do 5X5, but got 5, 5, 5, 3, and 3 on my sets.  Fortunately, I was able to get a trainer to spot me when I failed on my reps so I did not have to go through roll the bar over my body to get out (as has happened to me sometimes in the past).

After that, it was power cleans.  Since last time, I failed miserably with my 5X5 attempts (never getting over 3 reps, with bad form to boot), I decided to reduce the weight from 65kg to 55 kg in order to practice my movement.  This time, it was no problem getting to 5X5, and my form was much better.  I should be able to add perhaps 5kg on my next workout.

Finally, I did 3X5 weighted pushups.   I had no problem with adding another 2.5kg (for 37.5kg total) onto my upper back for this exercise.

I did not have enough time to go through my core workout today, so I had to postpone doing them.  I plan on doing those tomorrow after work.

My meals today were on schedule and according to plan, with just a few additional carbs from some rice cakes brought by my boss from his trip to the province over the holidays.  I think I needed those extra carbs anyway!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


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2 thoughts on “Day 176: Back to the daily grind

  1. Wow, Ron, you are doing so great.
    First of all: Happy New Year, may this make all your wishes come true and may it bring you the massive results you are wishing for.

    You are a perfect “private trainer” for your Mom as you are already a resource of fetness-knowledge.

    Shred on, Juli

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