Day 175: Personal Trainer (for a day at least)

Day 175

This morning I weighed and measured myself again.  My body weight went down a little bit while my body fat percentage stayed almost the same.  I guess that means I was able to stay within my calorie budget, but the composition of those calories was not ideal (probably skewed towards carbs because of sweet treats).

This afternoon, I went to the gym again with my mom, but I didn’t work out myself.  I actually went there to teach my mother some resistance exercises which she can do.  Before today, she has been going to the gym twice or thrice a week doing mostly steady state cardio or a group classes, but has been stuck at her weight for a while now.  We couldn’t afford to hire a personal trainer for her, so I just thought why not me?

I wrote her a workout plan split into two days (a push day and a pull day, with core workouts each day), with cardio warmup and then mobility exercises before, plus some static stretches after.  For today’s push workout, I had her do squats, pushups (on the knees), and dumbbell overhead presses.  I made sure to teach her how to do them with proper form.  Then I taught her the core exercises from the Flatten Your Abs Program’s Level 1 workout.  She’ll be doing each workout once a week, so she would be lifting twice a week for the next few weeks.  Nutrition will be trickier to teach, but she has been mostly eating healthy (calorie counting may be too time consuming for her modest goals). I think she enjoyed what she learned, and I myself enjoyed sharing what I know and the quality time that we had together.

As for me, I was able to stick with a good nutrition plan for today, but let loose a bit with my last meal when I had some ice cream and fruit salad.  Tomorrow I go back to work after a well-deserved holiday break, so the meals and nutrition schedule should be more predictable in the coming few days.  It’s only one week to go on my current mission!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Day 175 - Front Day 175 - Back Day 175 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 175: Personal Trainer (for a day at least)

  1. Good for you, sharing your knowledge Ron 🙂 I did the same last night for my wife, who worked late and missed the gym – we just did some dumbbell stuff at home, and bodyweight warm-ups. It’s great to be able to share our knowledge, even just a little, isn’t it?

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