Day 174: Aiming to look good, feel good, and ‘be’ good

Day 174

Today was a rest from training for me.  After yesterday’s workout, my muscles were not as sore as they would have been if I’d done a heavy workout all throughout, but there’s still that nice deep soreness in my back and shoulders, probably due to working hard on my overhead press and chinups yesterday.  I still do have a long-lasting soreness in my lower back, which seem to have started once I was lifting very heavy (for me) weights.

For me, fitness is not just about looking good, it should also include feeling good and ‘being good’ (thanks to The Male Pattern Fitness Blog for these words).  In other words, I don’t only want to look lean and muscular, I want to feel good and pain free, and I want to be truly fit and strong.  Thus, I’ve been doing some more reading today in preparation for my next mission.  Among the list of things I am considering is doing some corrective exercise to fix the functional weaknesses and imbalances I know I have.  These imbalances get in the way of lifting big and can cause injury if I push too hard and strain what shouldn’t be strained.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of anybody in my area who can give me a thorough evaluation (I work out at a commercial gym where most of the trainers are clueless).  I’ll have to either look harder, or go about it myself.

Before I go, I wanted to share a recent post I read from Vince DelMonte’s blog, entitled the Top 60 Things I Learned In 2008.  There are many little gems there!


Day 174 - Front Day 174 - Back Day 174 - Side

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