Day 172: Quiet start to the year

Day 172

It was a late start for me today after last night’s festivities.  My family finished our midnight meal at half past 1, but then we couldn’t just go straight to bed, so I watched some TV with my brother and finally fell asleep at half past 2.  I woke at just past 10 in the morning, so almost 8 hours of sleep (aside from a toilet break at my usual waking time of 7 AM).

No training today, rest is much needed after my exertions yesterday and the late night.  I was still able to read up on some more articles on the net, which gave me some ideas on what I will do for my next training phase.  But tomorrow, I’m back at the gym for some speed work on my squats and deadlifts.

My nutrition was quite good, but my last meal was a somewhat over my caloric budget, as we had my mom’s special spaghetti (but at least it was on whole wheat pasta).  And then we followed up with a nice movie on DVD.

Let’s all get this year off to a great start!


Day 172 - Front Day 172 - Back Day 172 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 172: Quiet start to the year

  1. Happy New year and best for 2009! Wow, huge changes in your back…keep moving and I look forward to hearing about your next phrase of your fitness journey.

    • Thanks for the greeting, Mike! I too am looking forward to meeting “The Enforcer”, who scared me into coming up with my accountability log, hehe.

  2. Just reading your entry for, ‘Day 172 – Quiet start to the year’, and wondered what you meant by for your 5th meal being, ‘not clean enough’.

    • Welcome to my blog, Taryn!

      When I note that one of my meals is “not clean enough”, it usually means that I ate too much of something that is not within healthy food guidelines like sweets or ice cream, or some other processed food (I generally follow the guidelines in Tom Venuto’s book). Unfortunately, it’s especially easy to do this during this holiday season! Normally I don’t have sweet dessert unless I planned to do so beforehand, following the 90% compliance rule.

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