Day 171: Year-end workout

Day 171

I was able to just squeeze in a workout today amidst the preparations for New Year’s eve.  Before I went to the gym, I got delayed a bit by an unexpected social visit.  I had a very limited time to work out as the gym was due to close early tonight.  I was just able to squeeze my 5X5 training in, but didn’t have enough time to continue on to my core work, as the gym lights were already being turned off and the metallic shutters were already halfway closed!

Still, my workout wasn’t half bad.  I was almost able to add another 2.5kg to my squat (for 115 kg), but stalled on the 4th rep of my 4th set, when I didn’t have a spotter.  I was able to complete 5 reps on my fifth set though, when my spotter was there to help steady me through a quite ardous last rep!  I’ll have another go at it next week; the next workout will be speed work at a lighter weight.

On the barbell bench press, I was able to add another 2.5kg (for 80kg), another first for me!  I did the first 4 sets on my own, but called for my spotter on the fifth set.  He helped steady me on the very last rep.

Today though, I just didn’t have any power left for power cleans.  The weight I attempted today (65kg) seemed very heavy; I must have spent all my leg power on the squat!  I was just able to do sets of 3, 3, 2, 1, and 2 reps this workout.  I think I’ll have to drop the loading back a few notches so that I can relearn the proper form.  My form on my last few workouts have not been very nice.

Lastly there were three sets of weighted pushups.  The gym was starting to shut down at this time, but I was still able to complete my 3 sets of 5 at a new weight of 35kg, placed on my back by my friendly trainer-spotter.  No time to do my core exercises anymore, nor time to take a shower; it was straight to the locker room to get my stuff and out the door!

Tonight will be another late night (it’s New Year’s Eve!) and traditionally, Filipinos have a meal at just past midnight (the Media Noche) to give thanks for the past year and welcome the new.  This is amidst the sound of firecrackers used by those who believe that the loud noise scares away the evil spirits.  Our family never liked using firecrackers (it can be a safety issue!), but we did use some sparklers when I was young, or banged on big aluminium laundry basins or drums.  These days though, we are happy to just play very loud music and then tuck into the midnight meal!  This time, I have some nice sparkling wine (Methode Champenoise) from the Barossa to celebrate with. 🙂

As tonight is a night of thanksgiving, I would like to thank all the Shredders and the many people who have supported and encouraged me in my physique transformation journey.  Here’s to a new year of success in all our endeavours!  Let’s set goals and conquer them!


Day 171 - Front Day 171 - Back Day 171 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 171: Year-end workout

  1. Great way of saying good bye to 2008, a year that has to mean a lot for you! great changes, and of course, your mind is a lot stronger than it was maybe when you closed 2007, not just your physique… Ron, I wish you the best of the best on this new year, you look and are unstoppable… I hope you reach your goals (I know you will) because you deserve it completely… right now, I’m packing my bags because I’m traveling, and after a few days, I will be right back and ready to start blogging and Adam’s program… keep it up!!

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