Day 170: I think I’m getting addicted

Day 170

I woke up today feeling sore, especially in my lower back, just above my buttocks.  My squats and deadlifts yesterday must have hit the weakest link in my posterior chain badly!  It’s still sore up to now, late at night, but I’m not about to lay off doing those big lifts.  In fact, I think I’m getting addicted, addicted to lifting big!  Now, I love doing squats and deadlifts.  The bench press though is still one exercise which I need to love more (but not more than squats or deadlifts).  Then there are cleans and overhead presses.  The list goes on.  I blame my current program (StrongLifts 5X5) for this addiction.  I can’t do this program forever, but I know that it sowed the seeds of my quest for strength.

Today was a rest from training.  Aside from some naps during the day, reading, and relaxing, I did some research on proper deadlift form, both from Eric Cressey’s articles on T-Nation (a seriously good resource) and from the books I already have.  I was feeling good already lifting the weights I have been lifting, but learned that I can be much, much better with proper training and technique.  I have a long, long way to go, but I know I’ll enjoy this particular journey.

Nutrition was mostly on target today, not entirely clean, but nothing really bad either.

Now, I need to sign off and do my foam rolling and protein shake before going to sleep.  Tomorrow is another lifting day!


Day 170 - Front Day 170 - Back Day 170 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 170: I think I’m getting addicted

  1. Wow, I never thought it like that… yeah! well.. what an addiction you have Ron! I don’t know, but I’ve lifted really heavy weights in the past, and I agree with you, the feeling is great… the intensity, the heart beats, the red face, losing the grip on the hang cleans, push like it is your life on the overhead presses and stall almost about to reach the full extension of your arms! well, what can I say? it’s great to discover new PBs, something that you didn’t know you were able to lift, gives the feeling of superhuman powers… like nothing can beat you! inspirational post! do you already have a personal best on each exercise that you wish to reach? it must be interesting if you have one…

    • Hi Celina, before this current program, I only tried 100kg on squats once (1 set of 3 reps) during the strength/recovery phase of my 1st Metabolic Surge cycle, and my form wasn’t as good then. The other day I was able to do 5X5 at 112.5kg with much better form than before. I’ve already beaten my PBs on all the exercises on StrongLifts 5X5. After I complete this current program, I’ll have to write down new goals and plan to go at them systematically. The thing is, before I started (even now), I don’t know my best singles.

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