Day 168: Rest and review

Day 168

It was another day of rest from training for me, much needed as I am still sore in places (my lower back and left inner hip).  I also measured my body weight and skinfolds today.  I found that my body fat has increased a bit (I have been having a few Christmas treats), but I also gained significantly more lean body mass, which is my primary target anyway.  The increase has also made up for the “loss” I had last week, so my weight is now slightly above what it was two weeks ago.  Eating has been more or less on schedule.  Once the holidays are over, I will be going back to a much stricter nutrition plan.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 168 - Front Day 168 - Back Day 168 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 168: Rest and review

  1. Hey, it doesn’t look like you’re gaining too much fat! You’re looking great, and with a better physique day by day, if you could post a comparison picture from the last days of Metabolic Surge and your actual picture, it’s a great difference… and you don’t seem to be gaining fat!… great job seriously!!

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