Day 164: Pre-Christmas Workout

Day 164

I had a good workout today. I did half my warmup at home (foam rolling) and half at the gym (mobility exercises).  After warming up with progressively more weight, I added another 2.5kg to my 5X5 squats (now at 110kg). I was glad to have one of the gym trainers spot me today on the last three sets of my squats, as I was hitting a point about 1/3 of the way up where I tend to slow down.  There was a new guy at the gym who noticed me doing squats, and he taught my spotter how to spot me properly by making sure to support my chest in case my lower back fails.  It looks like this guy had competed in bodybuilding before and knew a lot more about proper form than most of the trainers at the gym!

I then did overhead presses, 5X5 at 45kg.  This was 2.5kg higher than my previous workout, and 2.5kg lower than the weight at which I stalled three times before.  I had no real problem performing this exercise today, so next time, I’ll have another shot at breaking 47.5kg.

Then it was on to deadlifts, 1X5 at 130kg.  As this was another PR attempt for me, I made sure to do warmup reps for this exercise too (like I did with the squat and OH press, progressively adding weight from 50%, 66%, then 90%).  I was able to do my first three reps without much problem.  It was becoming hard to hold on to the bar without gloves or chalk, so I had to reset my grip on my last two reps and rest about a second or two.  Alas, despite my best efforts, I stalled less than halfway through my 5th rep!  I’ll find more pointers on how to deadlift, then attack this weight again in 5 days (two workouts away!)

The morning was spent doing some last-minute shopping with my second brother.  I was able to find some fresh herbs (hard to find here in Manila) for my roast pork, but no lemons, so my flan will have to be postponed.  On our way home the heavens opened up and poured rain; it’s quite unusual to have such a humid and wet Christmas week in Manila.

This evening, I started to prepare my roast pork for the traditional Christmas midnight meal with family (the Noche Buena), while my mom prepared the spaghetti. However, we both decided against serving these so late at night as it’s too heavy, so we’ll serve those for lunch tomorrow instead.  Our Noche Buena is thus a lighter affair with ham, spit-roasted chicken (store-bought), wheat bread, a cheese platter (Australian cheeses!), and fruit salad.  I’ll serve one of the wines which I bought from the Barossa Valley (South Australia) during my recent trip there, a Moscato.

Hope your family celebrations are memorable ones! A blessed Christmas to you all!


Day 164 - Front Day 164 - Back Day 164 - Side

One thought on “Day 164: Pre-Christmas Workout

  1. Pasko na, Pasko na
    Boom Tarot Tarot

    Maligayang Pasko

    The workouts are getting tough now. One option you can look into is 3×5 instead of 5×5 in your worksets. 3×5 is what the book Starting Strength uses. That is the workout I used in getting back into lifting after a long layoff.

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