Day 160: Back to “Work”

Day 160

As I wanted to get a good workout in today, I made sure to get enough sleep and so woke up much later than usual at 9:30 AM. After breakfast, I did began my warmups at home by doing foam rolling exercises, proceeded to the gym, then did my hip mobility exercises (hurdle stretches, under-bar side squats, etc.). I then did some warmup squat sets (5 at 50kg, 3 at 65kg, and 1 at 95kg).

I loaded the bar to 107.5kg for my 5X5 squats. Man, it’s getting more and more difficult each time! As usual, the first set was tough, then a wee bit easier in the 2nd. After that, it became more difficult again, and after the 3rd and 4th sets I was feeling woozy, so I had to take at least 3 minutes between those sets. On the fifth set, I got a trainer to spot me in case I fail. I got through the fifth set okay, but I felt that my spotter started helping me out a bit too early; I think I could still have pushed through by myself. I’ll either maintain the loading next workout, or increase by 2.5kg depending on how I feel by then. Regardless, today’s squat workout rocked!

On my 5X5 overhead presses, I used a lower weight today (42.5kg) than previous (47.5kg), as I had stalled in three consecutive attempts. According to the Stronglifts program which I am following, I should deload by approximately 10% and proceed from there if I stall, in order to build up strength again. I had not problem completing the five sets of five reps today and will add 2.5kg on my next workout.

Next was 1X5 deadlifts at 125 kg. As with my squat, I prepared by doing some warmup sets (5 at 60kg, 3 at 80kg, 1 at 110 kg). I think the warmup really helped me pull to a personal record deadlift! Again, that little bit of wooziness after completing the set let me know I’m pushing myself hard!

Three sets of pullups to failure were next. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to progress the pullups today, and just managed the same as the previous pullup workout (14, 8, 6). I have been stuck at these numbers for a few workouts now; I think I may need to do some supplementary exercises to get those numbers up. Any suggestions?

That completed my Stronglifts 5X5 exercises today. I completed my workout by doing exercises from Level 5 of the Flatten Your Abs program.

After my workout, I rushed straight home, had lunch, showered, then off I went to another social engagement. This time, it was out of the metropolis south to a provincial town to attend the 1st birthday party of my friend’s daughter. My friend was just here for the holidays as he’s already living with his wife in the US, so it’s been three years since I last saw them (on their wedding day). It was another good day catching up with some good friends! Traffic was horrible, however, and I got lost (twice!) before I finally found the place.

I ate mostly clean today except for a slice of birthday cake and some ice cream. It was hard fitting in 5 meals as today was short, so I’ll just have a pre-sleep protein shake before I go to sleep tonight.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


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