Day 159: Another night out

Day 159

Just a quick post tonight. It’s already early morning and I just got back after a great night out with my officemates at the biggest mall and entertainment centre in the Philippines. The place has been open for three years now, but due to my busy schedule I have never gotten the time to visit, so my officemates all agreed that they should bring me there! We got a little bit of exercise when we went bowling and played two matches. I got my five meals in more or less on schedule, and even though I had three of my meals at restaurants, all of them were were quite well balanced. I stuck to fresh salad, seafood, roast beef, a little bit of chicken, and some rice and bread. I also had two bottles of beer over the course of three hours after my last meal while we listened to a band. It was a good time for us to all bond together and remember and share our experiences during the past year.

No pics tonight as I really need to get my sleep as I fully intend to get my workout in tomorrow before I go to another social activity in the afternoon. That means I must have enough sleep in order to do my best at the gym!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!



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