Day 158: Dinner halfway across the metropolis

Day 158

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did not plan any workout today as I had a dinner engagement with my friends from university. From work, I commuted halfway across the metropolis from the southern edge (where I live and work) to near its centre, going through three vehicle changes including a ruck through a sardine-packed metro station. But I got there in one piece ahead of schedule, one and a half hours after I left the office.

I ate clean healthy meals throughout the work day. For dinner, I suggested that we go to a Greek restaurant, and I had lamb gyros with just water. The serving size was just right; if it were a huge serving (like a lot of restaurant food I see in Australia), I might have been compelled to finish off everything so as not to let good food go to waste! Afterwards, I enjoyed a blueberry cheesecake (yummy, one of the best ones I’ve had) for dessert, so I can’t consider this last meal to be an ideal one, but still it’s within my target of up to 4 “exception” meals a week (this is just my first).

It was great meeting with my friends again, and conversation was varied. At some point, someone mentioned reading something on a blog, and they asked me if I had one. I told them yes, but I wasn’t sure if I should let them see it yet (only 2 of my offline friends know of this blog!). Later on, I thought to myself, maybe I should let them know; the more accountability the better! So I wrote my blog address down and handed it to them. Who knows what they’ll say?

I got back home just at the stroke of midnight, so need to get to sleep now as tomorrow is another work day (glad our work time is flexible!) I haven’t gotten over my cold yet so more sleep is better for recovery.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


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4 thoughts on “Day 158: Dinner halfway across the metropolis

  1. Hey Ron, so glad you had fun with your friends…and that dessert sounds fab. Whip by Shari´s blog if you can as she´s in need of some Shredder TLC.

  2. I never had Greek food. No Greek restaurants where I live. Look forward to see where your training leads in you in the new year. Hmm I miss PI, my wife says it is the best time of the year.

  3. Hey mate, nice trip with your friends. It remember me that holidays are comin’ ^^
    Nice work has been completed since the beginnin of your journey mate, you should be proud


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