Day 156: Working out through a cold

Day 156

I woke up to the coldest morning so far this season in Manila. I also woke up with a slight cold (runny nose, tickly throat, and sneezing), which I may have gotten from my brother! I had to go to the office a bit earlier than usual today, as I had an job applicant coming in. In my rush to get out of the house early, I forgot to bring my wallet with me. Luckily, I had some coins in my pocket which turned out to be enough to pay for the two legs of my journey on public transport. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal as I had brought almost all of my food (save for my late afternoon snack), but I had my gym membership card in the wallet!

At some time in the afternoon, I called home and asked my dad to bring my wallet to me when I go to the gym in the evening. The traffic going from the office to the gym (which is on the way home) was heavier today than usual, so I got into the gym a little later than planned. I still had my runny nose to take care of, so I had brought some paper towels with me to the gym floor in case I needed it.

I warmed up with some static and dynamic stretches for the hips and shoulders. Luckily, the gym wasn’t too crowded so I was able to use the smith machine for my straddle stretches and side squats under the bar. Then, taking, Yavor’s advice (via a comment on my blog the other day), I did a few warmup reps for my squats, with my last (single) warmup rep at 90kg, which is a little less than 90% of my working weight today (107.5kg).

I had no spotter for squats today, so I was on my own. The first set went okay, and I took up to three minutes in between sets up to the fourth. On my fifth set, I got up to the fifth rep but despite my efforts, no amount of grunting could get me past my sticking point a little less than halfway up. I was disappointed of course, but given that I was so close to completing the fifth set, I know that I can nail it on the next workout. Looking at it another way, stalling means that I’m already working at the edge of my (current) abilities, which means that every little success now means progress!

I then proceeded to 5X5 bench presses at 72.5kg. I’ve never done this load by myself before (as practically all of my other 5X5 exercises), but got through all five set okay, with only a very minimal spot on the last two reps of the fifth set.

Hang cleans, 5X5 at 57.5 kg, were next. By then I was already starting to fatigue. It was also becoming difficult to hold on to the bar when I drop it back from the “clean” position to the “hang” position. Also, my legs were also still tired from the squats and so required more of my effort to try to explode up. I got through okay in the end, but some of my reps (particularly the last one or two of each set) were not very pretty.

Finally, I did 3 sets of 5 weighted pushups using a total of 27.5 kg of plates on my back, which a trainer helped to position. No problem there.

I completed my workout by doing Level 5 of Flatten Your Abs. By the time I finished, it was already almost than 30 minutes past my usual workout completion time, being that I started a bit late and really took my time between sets. I think my cold and less than ideal sleep the previous night got to me. Interestingly, my nose stopped running when I was working out, but then ran again a few minutes after I finished.

Nutrition was very good for me today. Preparing the most (if not all) meals yourself does help.

Now, I need my recovery sleep.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 156 - Front Day 156 - Back Day 156 - Side

3 thoughts on “Day 156: Working out through a cold

  1. Great strength workout Ron… now lifting 107.5 as if nothing’s happening!… good job… you always know how to come out from difficult situations and that is a great part of you we really have to admire!… get well soon! I hope that running nose goes away cause you’re having a great momentum!

  2. Malamig in Manila? Joke lang. My wife says it can get cold in PI, but not as cold here in Hawaii. I just found out your blog from Nates site. Nice to see a Pinoy lift some weights.

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