Day 155: HUGE encouragement

Day 155

I was up this morning aching all over from my workout yesterday evening. It’s been like this for the past few workouts as I’ve been hitting weights that I’ve never thought I could do before.

In the evening after work, I did my groceries and picked up some fish, chicken, pork, veggies, and fruit. I got home, started marinating the chicken and pork, then went out to do my planned HIIT run. This time, I did not push as hard as I did last Wednesday, but kept my pace at a more comfortable level in my work intervals. Hopefully, my legs will not be as thrashed as they were last week that I got stuck on my squats the next day.

After dinner, I grilled the chicken and pork and prepared my meals for the next day. This batch of protein should keep me happy for the next few days. I also tried out some foam rolling exercises which should help with relieving the aches I now have throughout my legs and upper body.

Two weeks ago, I pre-ordered Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution from Since shipping to the Philippines is very expensive, I took the opportunity to order a few more fitness books to read. Among the books that I ordered was Nate Green’s recently released book, Built for Show.

I found Nate through T-Nation and recently subscribed to his blog as I like his writing style. I commented on one of his funny posts and told him that I was looking forward to reading his book (which I just received this past weekent). I was surprised when he emailed me back thanking me for my comment. I was in for a shock this morning when I got another email from him containing just a link to one of his blog posts. Since then, I noticed visits to my blog just skyrocketed! This is serious stuff, and I really will be motivated to train hard and stay my course through this and future missions. Thanks a lot Nate for the massive encouragement!

Little by little I’ve also been reading the latest installment of Adam Waters‘ RTP system (Module 4). With all this encouragement and great information coming from all directions, how can I not succeed?

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 155 - Front Day 155 - Back Day 155 - Side

9 thoughts on “Day 155: HUGE encouragement

  1. Well.. Ron, you’re on the right path, with a good solid program and great motivation! what else? of course you’re on your way to succeed!
    Great changes in your body man!,
    Oh, before I forget, I wanted to tell you (regarding Yavor’s advise from yesterday) I don’t know much about it, but there’s a training method, something about zones.. I trained (without knowing) with that method when reaching my personal bests, I think it has something to do with percentages and zones of effort, for example, zone 1 is from 60 to 69% of your 1 max. rep.. and so on until the zone 5 is something between 91 to 100%.. (I’m just estimating).. the thing here is that, I guess it’s proved that you can train on the same zone (low or high) depending on the percentage but the body asimilates it the same way, that works when your body’s tired and you can’t push to 100% but you can work for example on the 95% percentage being on the same zone…. well.. I remembered because of his comment, since you’re a great researcher, maybe you can find something about it… I will look for it too! Keep it up!!

  2. I checked out that post on Nate´s blog and you are so right….that is HUGE. Know you were so surprised and pleased when you saw that. And may I say, you do deserve all the good attention you get! Keep it going.

  3. Oh and thanks for the encouragement by example to obtain these resources have linked above! I’ll be on vacation for the rest of the year (sounds like forever doesn’t it?) and it is just about time to step my game up with some higher education. Take care!

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