Day 153: Errands

Day 153

Today was a busy day running some errands.  I was supposed to meet with my insurance agent to arrange some things, but she got stuck in traffic halfway across Metro Manila.  That gave me sufficient time to get a haircut, pick up my contact lenses at the optometrist, do a bit of banking, a bit of holiday shopping, and a few other stuff.  Good thing that all of those things could be done at the shopping mall, which is just a 5-minute ride away from where I live, so I did not lose time to traffic jams.  Among the things I bought were a set of 4 lunchboxes and a cooler so that the lunches I bring to work don’t spoil (since my workplace does not have a refrigerator).  I wanted to do my groceries as well, but the queues at the supermarket are very, very long on weekend afternoons here, so I have to defer it to another day.

In the evening we had a family celebration at home with pizza, noodles, and ice cream.  I controlled my portions and added a whey protein shake to make sure I get enough protein to repair my still aching muscles.

Hope your weekends are going well!


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