Day 152: Office Christmas Party

Day 152

After yesterday’s challenging workout, I badly needed to relax!  I hadn’t really taken any time out since I arrived back from my trip overseas other than one dinner out with my family, so I was looking forward to our office Christmas gathering this afternoon.  I woke up a bit earlier than usual as I had to drop by the post office to send some last-minute postcards to some friends overseas, then get into the office early enough to interview an applicant for one of the positions in my team.  Those two went well enough, and I was also able to stick to my schedule for the three meals.

In the afternoon, we closed our office and moved just across the street to have our office Christmas gathering.  It is one time for all of us in the office to get together as half of us (especially those in my team) have been out of the country for a few months.  For me, especially, it was nice to connect with some of my coworkers who have been with the company for more than five months already, but whom I’ve only seen for two weeks!  There was traditional Filipino food there, some of which were healthy, many not, but I tried to eat mostly healthy food like grilled tuna steak and sauteed vegetables.  I also tried out some of the less than ideal stuff like deep fried pork leg, but tried to keep those to a minimum, and limited myself to two bottles of light beer.

After the “official” gathering (with the boss) , we all then went to the mall to go bowling, but unfortunately, all the lanes were taken as there was a tournament going on!  We ended up going to a bar and listening to a live band play while sharing finger food and drinks.  I got myself just one shot of tequila and a green mango shake.  I ate some of the (fried) finger food, but thankfully, I remembered that I had brought a protein bar with me, so I supplemented with the bar to make sure I still get some protein in during the meal.

With proper planning and preparation over the weekend, (and some relaxation including today), I should be raring to hit the weights again and eat to plan by this Monday!


Day 152 - Front Day 152 - Back Day 152 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 152: Office Christmas Party

  1. Glad you could enjoy your Christmas party…sounded like a lot of fun. Today here in Spain there were so many parties just like that. In fact, the cops are out in force with alcohol tests to try and catch the ones who drink then drive. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Lynda, yes I enjoyed. Good thing I don’t drive while I’m in Manila, hehe. I just hitch rides with coworkers or use public transport. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hey Larry, you are too kind! I do let myself slip up once in a while 😛 Good thing that the nutrition does not have to be as strict while bulking, so I can let myself enjoy the Christmas food a bit, hehe.

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